“Trailblazers and Troublemakers”:people, groups and organisations who challenged the status quo, came up with inventive (good and bad) ideas or did the unexpected. We found some amazing people, but we are certain there are many more out there! Do you know of a trailblazer or troublemaker? Bring us your story, preferably with a picture, to share on the day of the conference on our Info Wall.

Or would  you like to know more about them? If you add a question, many in the audience are researchers who might be able to help. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover new secrets… 

Or do you think a person or event is interesting enough to be researched further, why not bring your idea along and find out if there are people already working on it or can help you on your journey.

For more info contact event organiser Annalily van den Broeke here.